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Hypnosis gets right to the HEART of the matter and puts YOU in control!

Lisa now offers Clinical Hypnosis, Seminars, And Workshops for Creating Positive Change.   Call 860-985-1682 NOW for information on how this work can help you achieve positive change!

Hypnosis for Pain Management and Accelerated Healing, Habits and Addictions, Self-Image, Eating Patterns, Self-Actualization, Smoking Cessation, Sleep Issues,
Stress Management, Accelerated Learning, Physical Issues,
test and Performance Anxieties, study habits,
Adolescent and Pediatric hypnosis
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What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, in which the critical or judgmental part of the mind is relaxed while the fully-aware subconscious mind, often called the "creative intelligence," is highly receptive and responsive to all beneficial suggestions. Hypnotherapy enables and empowers people to transform their lives towards health, peace, comfort, vitality and happiness.

Clinical Hypnosis is the application of hypnotic techniques specifically for therapeutic purposes. It can be used for pain management and pain reduction (chronic pain, migraines, IBS symptoms), accelerated healing, surgery preparation and dental work, emotional anxiety and mental anguish (stress, low-motivation, childhood trauma, procrastination, depression), as well as other issues.

Hypnotherapy is also highly effective in the elimination of life-long fears (heights, spiders, dentists, the ocean, relationships, etc.) and self-image/self-esteem development (confidence, creativity, actualized potential).

Clinical Hypnotherapy is simply a way of harnessing and utilizing the amazing, limitless power of the subconscious minds in every aspect of life.


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Lisa Avnet, LMT, BCH

Fellow, International Board of Hypnotherapy Link

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