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About Lisa Avnet, LMT, BCH

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The focus of my practice is the creation of health. I've been in clinical practice for twenty-five years, and have extensive post graduate training. Ongoing clinical education informs the art of my work, and curiosity leads me to seek out the latest developments in healthcare. Most recently, I have completed extensive training and certification in Clinical Hypnosis, Medical Support Clinical Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The human body’s ability to heal and change from both acute injury and longer-term structural limitations and systemic illness is truly awe inspiring.   I am thrilled to be a facilitator and guide in helping people regain health and vibrance.

I am pleased to offer Hypnotherapy, Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP in addition to my hands on structural massage, for a comprehensive ability to address your issues.




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Offering Hypnosis and Distant Healing Sessions Online


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Offering Hypnosis Sessions  and Distance Healing Sessions Online

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